The Pontiac Genealogical Society , “the key to the past”, will help you to rediscover your family’s history.  In possession of numerous archives and parish registers of the Pontiac, La Passe (Ontario) and Québec, this Centre is equipped with all the necessary tools to make your research successful.

Come and do your research in our Centre where you will always find someone to help you.  Appointment requested.

You don’t have the time?  The “key to the past” offers you two options:

  • For $50, the genealogy volunteers will provide you with your family tree, which may, according to the tree, contain up to 12 generations, direct lineage;
  • For a more complete family tree, please arrange a meeting with the volunteers  to define your needs.

Opening hours

June, July and August : Wednesday to Sunday, 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

September to May : Open upon appointment.
Call Ruth Hearty at 819-683-2382 to arrange a meeting.